Method for visualizing 3D images created from registered and fused lidar/digital images

Technical Summary

Cody Killpack and Dr. Scott Budge have developed an algorithm to improve the accuracy and reliability of fused 3D images. This technology improves upon current 3D technology by merging 3D images more accurately. This algorithm is unique because it uses two methods (image processing and point-cloud merging) of image fusion to combine texel images and fuses the 3D points at the sensor level. This process generates a more precise 3D representation of an image.


Commercial Applications

•  Commercial 3D printing

•  Government, military, or commercial 3D modeling

•  Contour map or 3D map generation of natural or man-made features

•  GPS denied navigation

•  Open pit mining material removal tracking

•  Flood plain mapping

Competitive Advantages

•  More accurate than current technology as the algorithm matches and blends textures of the image



•  Visualization of 3D Images From Multiple Texel Images Created From Fused LADAR/Digital Imagery, Cody C. Killpack and Scott E. Budge, Proc. SPIE 9465, Laser Radar Technology and Applications XX; and Atmospheric Propagation XII, 94650I (May 19, 2015)


Related Technologies

•  USU tech ID# SDL15-07, Method For Combining Fused Lidar and Digital Imagery to Create 3D Surfaces


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