Opportunistic turbo execution in NTC: exploiting the paradigm shift in performance bottlenecks

Technical Summary

Drs. Koushik Chakraborty and Sanghamitra Roy of the BRIDGE Lab at Utah State University have developed a technology to improve the energy efficiency of Near-Threshold Computing (NTC) processors. The opportunistic turbo execution (OTE) speeds up Long Latency Datapaths (LLD) to improve its performance and reduce leakage energy. 


Commercial Applications

This technology is applicable to the semiconductor and circuit design and manufacturing markets, and it would improve the design of the computer circuits. 


Competitive Advantages

•  42 percent improvement in energy efficiency over current techniques

•  Improve computing performance



•  Opportunistic Turbo Execution in NTC: Exploiting the Paradigm Shift in Performance Bottlenecks, Proceedings of the 52nd Annual Design Automation Conference, Article No. 63. June 07 - 11, 2015.


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