Battery Integrated Modular Multifunction Converter

Technical Summary

Drs. Baljit Riar and Regan Zane, researchers at USU, have developed a modular battery integrated converter with a variety of uses: grid energy storage, battery integrated EV drive train, wind power, energy storage at EV charging stations, microgrids, nanogrids, and photovoltaic farms. The converter has a single stage topology that can easily be configured for AC or DC grids. The modular battery integrated approach provides improved battery control for maximum energy utilization and extended lifetime.


Commercial Applications

This innovation would be especially useful for large scale energy needs, such as renewable energy storage. 


Competitive Advantages

•  Improved management of battery modules

•  A single module of the converter produces high quality waveforms

•  Additional modules can increase the storage capacity, voltage, and current ratings of the converter

•  Improved battery control

•  Extended lifetime



•  Application of Three-Phase Unfolder in Electric Vehicle Drivetrain Publications, Control and Modeling for Power Electronics (COMPEL), 2015 IEEE 16th Workshop on 1 2-15 July 2015.

•  Isolated Bidirectional DC/AC and AC/DC Three-Phase Power Conversion Using Series Resonant Converter Modules and a Three-Phase Unfolder, Control and Modeling for Power Electronics (COMPEL), 2014 IEEE 15th Workshop on 22-25 June 2014.

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