'Alice' Bigtooth Maple

Technical Summary

‘Alice’ Bigtooth maple, Acer saccharum Marshall subsp. grandidentatum (Nutt.) Desmarais is a selection of bigtooth maple from a wild population in the Wellsville Mountains of northern Utah. It has red fall color and a tight, small growth form with dark green, shiny leaves. It is less rank in its growth pattern and more appropriate for urban areas than some other native maples. As a native plant, it has great potential in Utah and the Intermountain region. It should be more drought tolerant than other maples used for landscaping.


Commercial Applications

•  Potential commercial partners:

•  Local nurseries

•  Wholesale growers and propagators

•  Better for residential use than other maple varieties


Competitive Advantages

•  Known entity when propagated vegetatively as compared to most maples which are grown from seed

•  Allows the quality of tree to be known at time of planting

•  Somewhat larger and faster growing than other varieties on the market (Rocky Mountain Glow and Mesa Glow)

•  Has a nicer red fall color than other bigtooth maple cultivars

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