Rollo Barley

Technical Summary

•  “Rollo” is a spring feed barley developed at the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station and was released in 1991. Plant        Variety Protection was sought in 1993 and later issued as PV9200006.

•  “Rollo” is a six-rowed, midseason, erect growing barley. It has a strap shaped, erect head with little or no overlap of the lateral kernels, and sparse hairs on the rachis edges. It has waxy leaves and head and immature plants have a distinctly purple upper node. Glumes are long, with hairs restricted to the middle, and have medium to long, semi-smooth glume awns. Lemma awns are long and semi-smooth and have distinctly purple tips prior to maturity. Stigmas are lightly feathered and the seed is covered, mid-long, slightly wrinkled, with long rachilla hairs and a transverse crease at the base. The base of the spike is marked by a closed collar.


Commercial Applications

•  Midseason planted

•  Feed barley

•  Western region of U.S.

•  Irrigated


Competitive Advantages

•  Lower lodging than Steptoe

•  Shows field resistance to barley loose smut and covered smut, and moderate resistance to powdery mildew



•  Albrechtsen, RS, DJ Hole. 1993. Registration of Rollo Barley. Crop Sci 33:1412-1413.


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