"Golden Spike" Hard White Wheat

Technical Summary


•  “Golden Spike” is a hard white winter wheat developed at the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station and was released in 1999. Plant Variety Protection was sought in 2000 and later issued as PV200100033

•  “Golden Spike” was released to provide a high-quality, hard white winter wheat with high yields when grown under dryland conditions, where dwarf bunt can be severe. The juvenile growth habit of “Golden Spike” is semi-erect and coleoptile anthocyanin is absent. Heading date is the same as ‘Boundary’ and the flag leaf is erect and twisted. “Golden Spike” has awned, bronze chaffed, tapering, mid-dense, and inclined spike characteristics. The kernel is elliptical, has rounded creeks, with a mid-wide, mid-deep seed crease, and medium sized brush that is not collared.


Commercial Applications

•  Fall planted

•  Irrigated

•  Milling and break making

•  Has a high resistance to dwarf bunt

•  Intermountain region of U.S.


Competitive Advantages

•  High resistance to dwarf bunt

•  Easy to harvest



•  Hole, DJ, S Clawson, SA Young, D Roche. 2002. Registration of Golden Spike Wheat. Crop Sci. 42:1376-1377.


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