'Sol Dancer' Tetranueris acaulis var. arizonica

Technical Summary

Sol Dancer daisy (Tetraneuris acaulis var. arizonica), is a hardy, tufted perennial that grows naturally across vast regions of the Intermountain West between elevations of 4,000-7,000 feet. In Utah, and at other locations throughout the United States, it has performed superbly as a low accent in both formal and naturalized plantings. It blooms regularly from spring until fall. In fact, when frosts have been delayed, its blooms have remained until the first part of December. It generally will not get larger than 15" tall or wide. and its yellow, coin-shaped flowers combine nicely with other water-wise plants such as ‘Wasatch Fire’ firechalice (Epilobium canum subsp. garrettii). We recommend this plant for a dry, sunny area of the garden. Regular deadheading, although not necessary, will extend the bloom during the growing season as well as maintain a tidy appearance.


Commercial Applications

•  Potential commercial partners:

•       Local nurseries

•       Wholesale growers and propagators


Competitive Advantages

•  Water-wise once established

•       Plant requires only 1-2” of water every 2.5 weeks

•  Requires minimal deadheading

•  Tolerant of many soil types

•       Thrives in lean soils