'Uvatung' Penstemon platyphyllus

Technical Summary

Uvatüng is shrubby at the base, with numerous, erect stems, emerging from a woody crown. The flowers are lavender to pale violet, are often held in clusters, and the flowers are slightly fragrant. Uvatüng was selected for its larger flowers and improved fragrance. It is common to rocky slopes and cliffs, and for this reason it is perfectly suited for rock and xeric gardens throughout valley, foothill, and higher elevation areas of the Mountain West. The species is durable, considered long-lived, and drought tolerant. It is best suited for sunny locations in the garden.


Commercial Applications

•  Suitable for sunny gardens

•  Potential commercial partners:

•  Local nurseries

•       Wholesale growers and propagators


Competitive Advantages

•  Grows best in sunny garden locations

•  Tolerant of many soil types

•  Thrives in lean soils

•  Drought tolerant