Genetic Sequence for Thioesterase Production

Technical Summary

Dr. Jeff Broadbent of the Food Sciences department at USU has determined a genetic sequence that can be transformed into bacteria or fungal cells for the production of thioesters. Thioesters are an important flavoring compound in the food industry and can be harvested naturally or produced synthetically. Thioesters and other flavoring compounds produced by natural means are becoming more desirable due to health and wellness concerns. Some microorganisms naturally produce thioesters, but influencing these to produce higher yields is difficult. This technology provides the ability to naturally produce thioesters via biological processes at a higher yield rate.

Commercial Applications

•  May be used in the food industry as a flavoring compound

•  Cheese

•  Meat

•  Vegetable

•  Coffee

Competitive Advantages

•  Natural product produced by biological process

•  Cost-effective

•  Improved predictability

•  Can be implemented in many micro-organisms


•  US20140248393


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Agriculture and Food Science
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