Method for Upregulation of Synthetic Spider Silk Production in E. coli

Technical Summary

•  Dr. Randy Lewis and team at Utah State University have developed an optimized method for producing recombinant spider silk proteins (rSSP).

•  The optimized methods include one or more of the following:

•  Addition of synthetic tRNA molecule-encoding nucleotide sequence or serine hydroxymethyltransferase (SHMT)-encoding nucleotide sequence into the rSSP coding plasmid.

•  Introduction of a plasmid coding for tRNAs.

•  These additional manipulations enable E. coli to produce a high quantity of rSSP by eliminating natural limitations relating to tRNA supply.


Commercial Applications

•  Potential uses for spider silk:

•  High performance fabrics

•  Medical applications

•  Cosmetics

•  Advanced coatings

•  Surface treatments

•  Optical enhancement

•  Bioadhesive materials

•  Advanced composites

•  Lightweight and strong yarns and ropes


Competitive Advantages

•  Higher protein production for same amount of inputs

•  Overcomes issue of low protein production due to limited tRNA

•  Much larger fraction of protein is full-length


Additional Information


•  Figure 1. Depiction of expression as fluorescence levels for samples with and without tRNA upregulation




•  Figure 2. Depiction of protein expression as fluorescence levels for sample with and without tRNA upregulation



•  US 2014/0093965


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