Walker Barley

Technical Summary

•  Walker spring barley was developed at the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station and released in March 1991. Walker was yield-tested in Utah beginning in 1986 and in the Western Regional Spring Barley Nursery in 1986 and 1988.

•  Walker barley is a six-rowed, midseason, erect growing, spring feed barley. It has a tapering, erect head with little or no overlap of the white, lateral kernels. It has waxy leaves and head. Glumes are long, covered with short hairs, and have medium-to-long, rough awns.


Commercial Applications

•  Spring planted

•  Irrigated

•  Intermountain region of U.S.


Competitive Advantages

•  Better straw strength than Goldeneye

•  Less lodging than other tall varieties

•  Field resistant to barley loose smut

•  Moderate resistance to powdery mildew


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