Millennium Barley

Technical Summary

•  Millennium spring barley was developed by the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station and released in 2000.  Plant Variety Protection was sought in 2000 and later issued as PV 200000169.

•  Millennium has a high yield (it ranked second in grain yield in 1997 and first in 1998).

•  Millennium is a midseason, erect-growing, semi-dwarf spring feed barley. It has a tapering, erect spike, with some overlap of lateral kernels at the top of the head. Leaves and spikes are waxy.

•  Millennium is recommended for growing primarily under irrigation or where annual precipitation is 400mm or more. Its relatively short, stiff straw makes it well suited for production under sprinkler irrigation. 


Commercial Applications

•  Spring planted

•  Irrigated

•  Intermountain region of U.S.


Competitive Advantages

•  Short straw

•  High yield in in northern latitudes

•  Resistant to barley loose smut and covered smut

•  Moderately resistant to powdery mildew



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