Baldwin Barley

Technical Summary

•  Baldwin barley was developed at the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station and released in 2014.  Plant Variety Protection was sought in 2012 and later issued as PV 201200469.

•  Baldwin is a tall, six-rowed, winter habit awnless barley that must be planted by mid-October to maintain the awnless character. The entire plant is harvested for animal forage and has an excellent nutrition profile.

•  This barley has two harvests, the earlier harvest is for protein and the later is for more carbohydrates.

•  When planted as forage, it is usually mixed with an awnless wheat and an awnless triticale (wheat/rye cross).


Commercial Applications

•  Fall planted

•  Must be irrigated

•  Forage feed

•  Intermountain region of U.S.


Competitive Advantages

•  Awnless, making it easier for animals to eat

•  The forage has a high nutrition content when compared with wheat and triticale


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