Greenville Wheat

Technical Summary

•  Greenville wheat was developed at the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station and released in 2012.  Plant Variety Protection was sought in 2012 and later issued as PV 201200470.

•  Greenville is a hard red winter wheat developed as a replacement for Garland (another USU variety). It does best in irrigated conditions and is not drought tolerant.

•  Greenville is awned with a bronze chaff color. It is slightly talker than Garland but with good straw strength and very high yielding.


Commercial Applications

•  Fall planted

•  Irrigated

•  Replacement for Garland

•  Milling

•  Baking

•  Intermountain region of U.S


Competitive Advantages

•  Great milling & baking qualities

•  High yield



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