Meso-biliverdin IXα Production and Applications

Technical Summary

•  Utah State University researchers have developed methods to scalably produce high-quality meso-biliverdin IXα (MBV), and they have demonstrated MBV’s protective effects against cellular oxidative damage. 

•  MBV is a naturally occurring compound and is observed to have similar, and in some cases, superior, cytoprotective capabilities than biliverdin IXα , a well-recognized inherent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant with therapeutic potential.  MBV may be used inter alia for the treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions and diseases, in surgical applications, as well as in organ and tissue preservation strategies.

•  MBV could be formulated with many pharmaceutically effective compositions inter alia antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, anti-inflammatories, analgesics, antipyretics, antiseptics, antihistamines, anti-allergics, anesthetics, and vaccines.  MBV may also be an additive to preservation solutions in organ transplantation procedures.

•  MBV may be administered orally or intravenously, or by direct application in surgery, topical application, and solely for antioxidant use.


Commercial Applications

•  Potential commercial partners:

•  Pharmaceutical companies

•  Organ transplant companies and groups

•  Medical and chemical supply companies


Competitive Advantages

•  Produced from a non-animal source

•  Extends preservation time of harvested organs when added to preservation solutions

•  Cost-effective process with affordable and available feedstocks

•  Less expensive than biliverdin IXα production

•  With scale-up, production will only become more cost-effective

•  Broad scope and natural product anti-inflammatory

•  High quality (chemically pure and bioactive)


Additional Information




•  US 9,119,842


Related Technologies

•  Method for Producing Biliverdin IXα from a Non-Animal Source (P09069)

•  Method for Production of Meso-biliverdin IXα (P11058)


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