Method for Production of Meso-biliverdin IXα

Technical Summary

•  Dr. Jon Takemoto, Dr. Tom Chang, and Dr. Dong Chen of Utah State University’s Biology, Chemistry/Biochemistry, and Biological Engineering departments have developed methods for the scalable production of meso-biliverdin IXα (MBV).

•  MBV is a naturally occurring tetrapyrrole compound.  MBV has similar, and in some cases superior, bioactive properties to that of biliverdin IXα, a recognized natural anti-inflammatory compound and anti-oxidant. MBV may be used, inter alia, for the treatment of both acute and chronic inflammatory conditions and diseases, in surgical application, as well as in organ preservation solutions.

•  In this novel MBV-producing process, phycocyanin (a protein/pigment complex) is first extracted from cyanobacteria.  Following extraction, phycocyanobilin (the pigment) is cleaved from the complex and chemically converted to MBV.


Commercial Applications

•  Anti-inflammatory compounds

•  Organ transplant and preservation solutions


Competitive Advantages

•  Scalable and cost-effective production process

•  Affordable and available feedstocks

•  Non-animal source production process

•  Less expensive to produce than biliverdin IXα

•  High quality (pure and bioactive)


Additional Information



•  US US2013/0096318


Related Technologies

•  Meso-biliverdin IXα Production and Applications (P12034)

•  Method for Producing Biliverdin IXα from a Non-Animal Source (P09069)


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