Machine for Injecting Liquids

Technical Summary

•  Dr. Conly Hansen of the Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science department at Utah State University has developed a new way of injecting pressurized product into foodstuff.  With the foodstuffs being transported on a conveyer belt, a showerhead-like device shoots injectate into the food at 3000+ psi.  This method not only allows the injectate to more evenly distribute throughout the food in an even manner, but it also tenderizes the food.


Commercial Applications

•  This machine can be used for any type of injection to add flavor or even weight.

•  Potential commercial partners:

•  Restaurants

•  Grocery stores

•  Cheese and meat packing plants


Competitive Advantages

•  Because of the high pressure being used for injection, meat is more effectively tenderized by this technology than needle injection methods.

•  In comparison to needle injection, the path of the injectate from this machine is not limited to the path of the needle. 

•  By using this machine for injection, the injectate more evenly distributes itself throughout the foodstuff by following a path of least resistance through pre-existing gaps and channels. 



Patent Information:
Agriculture and Food Science
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Christian Iverson
Utah State University
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