Ultrasonic Method for Determining Tissue Pathology


Utah State University researchers have developed an ultrasonic method for determining tissue pathology. Conventional methods do not currently meet the need to obtain pathology results quickly during surgeries or biopsies. This technology provides a way to rapidly determine key information on tissue samples that have been removed during surgery.

  • Cancer research (arteries, capillaries)
  • Biopsies taken during surgery
  • Biology research

  • Real time monitoring of a biological sample
  • One-to-one correspondence of spectral features to tissue/cellular structures
  • Can be performed during or immediately following surgery

This method is applicable to ex vivo tissue samples that have been removed during surgery. This technology rapidly determines the pathology or microscopic state of the tissue which allows for the monitoring of the specimen in real time therefore making it especially useful during surgical procedures. The ultrasonic apparatus and associated methods provide a detailed one-to-one correspondence between specific spectral features and tissue or cellular structures.

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