Full-duplex Systems with Reconfigurable Antennas

USU and the University of California – Irvine researchers have developed a communications system utilizing full duplex systems with reconfigurable antennas and are looking for parties interested in licensing this technology. This new system, in which users can transmit and receive radio frequency signals simultaneously, has several commercial applications within the world of communication.

  • Public sector wireless communication band
  • Communication during natural disasters
  • Emergency responders for Police, Firefighters, etc.
  • Mobile Telecommunications

  • Double the efficincy of traditional half-duplex communication systems
  • Simultaneously transmit and receive frequencies
  • Reconfigurable antennas

In comparison to the traditional half duplex models, this new system may double the efficiency of bidirectional communications over the same temporal and spectral resources. In this full duplex mode, a wireless device can transmit and receive radio frequency signals simultaneously through separate antennas. Antennas may also be reconfigured to improve reception. Demand for a system like this has become increasingly strong as the radio frequency spectrum is a naturally limited resource that is used in several different growing industries.

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