Efficient Gene Targeting in Golden Syrian Hamsters by the CRISPR/Cas9 System

Utah State University has developed transgenic Golden Syrian Hamsters that develop similar symptoms as humans to a variety of viral diseases provide several medical and research applications. USU is seeking parties interested in purchasing transgenic hamster models or licensing a method to modify the genome of Golden Syrian hamsters.

  • Pharmaceutical testing
  • Medical research

  • Model replicates human response
  • Hamsters are cheap and easy to maintain

Previously, the hamster genome was very difficult to manipulate. USU researchers have developed this method to manipulate the hamster genome for insertion of the virus into the DNA sequence. Hamsters, which develop similar symptoms as observed in humans, provide an excellent model for diseases found in humans. Viruses that cause hamsters to exhibit similar symptoms as humans include: Ebola, Hantavirus, Hendra, and Nipah viruses.

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