Magnetic Confinement With Ion Currents

Utah State University (USU) is seeking industry partners that are interested in licensing an apparatus and method that creates the conditions for containing ion-made plasma in the minimum-energy state on a scale that is economical and practical. Plasma generates high-energy particles and is used in rocket exhaust, semi-conductors, fusion energy and TV displays. Producing plasma can be uneconomical because of plasma instabilities and perturbations. Efforts to stabilize plasma often require large scale and costly containment devices. Using USU's new technology, plasma may be contained in quantities, at temperatures, and for durations that support new practical applications.

  • Stable production
  • Stable containment
  • Cost effective storage
  • Expansion of Applications

  • Entertainment technology
  • Aerospace
  • Spacecraft
  • Semi-conductors


US 20130221845

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