An efficient process for production and extraction of the natural blue pigment indigoidine

Utah State University is seeking a party interested in licensing a patent or sponsoring research to further develop a system of producing and extracting the pigment indigoidine at high yields.

  • Biochemical
  • Antimicrobial
  • Identification of PPTase inhibitors
  • Natural pigment for food and chemical industry

  • Large scale production
  • Low cost
  • High yield
  • Easy and economic extraction

Useful properties of indigoidine have been discovered and utilized in recent years. In addition to the antimicrobial activity, the bright blue color of this natural product makes it a useful and sensitive indicator in biochemical studies. For instance, indigoidine has recently been developed into a versatile and universal reporter for bacteria and mammalian cells. The indigoidine synthase has also been used as a reporter for rapid and flexible measurement of PPTase activity. This system can be used for discovery and characterization of PPTase inhibitors. This natural blue compound also represents a useful pigment in food industry. The present study identified a new indigoidine biosynthetic gene cluster from the pharmaceutically important strain S. chromofucus ATCC 49982 which produces the anti-cholesterol compound herboxidiene.


US 20140142314

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