Methods for Efficient High Quality Rendering of Texel Imagery

Utah State University is seeking a party interested in licensing a technology that greatly improves and enhances the quality of surface models generated by a Texel Camera. In recent years point-based geometry has gained increasing attention as an alternative surface representation, both for efficient rendering and for flexible geometry processing of highly complex 3D-models. For that reason, a researcher for the Center for Advanced Imaging LADAR (CAIL) at Utah State University developed a more efficient Texel Imagery technology. This method renders massive textured point clouds derived from a Texel Camera. The new invention will serve as the basis for planning the software development in anticipation of developing an Airborne Texel Camera (ATC) and will increase the amount of data that can be handled and the speed that it can be displayed and manipulated.

  • Aerospace
  • Digital movie and gaming industry
  • Engineering design and land development
  • Military
  • Shipping
  • Robotics

  • Improves the capability of acquiring giga-samples of 3D data in a very short period of time
  • Improves the rendering method of colored models, increasing their quality and efficiency
  • Improves the measure of distance and shape of objects or terrain, resulting in more realistic 3D imagery


US 7,940,279

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