3D Multispectral Lidar

Utah State University is seeking an industry partner interested in licensing technology or sponsoring additional research for a 3D multi-spectral LIDAR system. The patented technology serves as a foundational piece of modern LIDAR devices.

  • Military
  • Topographic mapping
  • Flood risk mapping
  • Emergency response/disaster mitigation
  • Urban planning
  • 3D city modeling
  • Site engineering

  • Real-time acquisition of 3D digital geo-rectified and topography imagery for immediate use in geographic information systems (GIS) without need for post processing
  • Collection of time-synchronous LIDAR range data and passive spectral images from within the same field of view
  • Rapid acquisition of 3D aerial or mobile images increase the efficiency of time-critical applications in civilian and military settings
  • Multiple prototypes including a small and lightweight hand-held system

The 3D multispectral LIDAR obtains pixel-aligned and synchronized LIDAR/EO Data, through the Texel Camera. This system provides real-time geo-rectified three dimensional images and topography using an airborne or mobile platform. The system collects time-synchronous LIDAR range and image data in an optical receiver from within the same field of view. The individual images are then precisely correlated and mosaiced in real-time. The LIDAR range data and image data are then coupled to a position and orientation system to transform the three dimensional range images to a single geographically referenced multispectral 3D image.


US 6,664,529

US 7,417,717

US 7,800,736

US 7,940,279

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