A Method for Modeling Material Constitutive Behavior

Utah State University is seeking an industry partner to either license or sponsor additional research for a materials strength method and model. This breakthrough technology was developed by USU professors and can be used to model and predict material and tool behavior during machining processes for optimized machining and improved tool life. The technology has been used to develope a preliminary computer program to provide visualizations of strain and wear on materials and tools.

  • CNC machining / controllers
  • Drilling, milling, cutting, lathes, etc.
  • CAD / CAM software
  • Machining educational and training programs

  • Provides more accurate material properties at high strain-rates and temperatures, limiting tool wear and optimizing machining operations
  • Provides near real-time modeling, saving time over existing FE methods
  • Can be embedded into current CNC software systems, reducing capital expenditures


US 7,240,562

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