Institutional Review Board Approval Software (Protis)

Utah State University is seeking university and commercial partners that are interested in licensing Institutional Review Board software for either internal use or further development and large-scale distribution. Commercial software is available, but it is extremely expensive and not easily adaptable to the specific needs of a particular organization. The software developed by Utah State University is a cost effective solution and can be easily adapted to fit the specific needs and design requirements of any university or research organization.

  • Universities
  • Software development companies
  • Research organizaitons

  • Multiple intuitive user interfaces for the chairman, review committees and the PI
  • Easily allows for expedited approvals
  • Eliminates application errors
  • Saves time and filing space
  • Easy to implement
  • Much more cost effective than other commercially available solutions

Every university that conducts animal and human research is required to have an IRB that reviews and approves all proposed research projects. The review process is extensive and very time consuming, often preventing researchers and administrators from utilizing their time in other research pursuits. Errors and mistakes are common and are very costly due to lost time and risk of lawsuits. Utah State University has developed software that creates an electronic paper trail and streamlines the approval process. The software virtually eliminates the possibility of application errors and allows administrators and researchers to track a proposal throughout the entire process. Separate user interfaces are included and are specifically designed to meet the requirements and needs of the chairman, review committees and the principal investigator.

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