Nutrient Dense Breakfast Replacement Food

Utah State University has developed a fast, yet healthy breakfast replacement and is seeking to license the technology to a company for large-scale distribution, or to coordinate sponsored research efforts with industry. One serving provides one-fourth the RDI for protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, and calories fulfilling the guidelines for the National School Breakfast program.

According to surveys conducted by Food Insight, 93% of Americans agree that breakfast is the most important meal, yet fewer than half (44%) are eating it every day. Studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast is important for concentration, problem-solving ability, mental performance, memory and mood; thus fast and simple breakfast solutions are needed to ensure people are meeting all of their nutritional needs.

Perfect On-The-Go breakfast for:

  • Children
  • Teens
  • Young adults
  • Busy professionals
  • Mothers
  • Elementary and secondary school cafeterias
  • Nutrition programs

  • Fulfills National School Breakfast Guidelines
  • Contains 26g of Whole Grains
  • One full serving of fruit/vegetables
  • Fast and portable
  • Great opportunity for vending machines

Patent Information:
Agriculture and Food Science
For Information, Contact:
Christian Iverson
Utah State University
Sheryl Aguilar Michael Lefevre Janet Bergeson